Meiya Pico is the leading digital forensics and information security products and service provider in China, and dominates 45% digital forensic market share in China. Established in 1999, Meiya Pico started as an EnCase reseller and provided forensic service and training. Till now, Meiya Pico has established 24 offices across mainland China. Listed on the ChiNext board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on March 16, 2011, Meiya Pico has been developing own hardware and software products of digital investigations and information security protection... more >>
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  • Recovery Master

    <p>a professional digital forensic equipment which support recovery various data format such as computer, cellphone data and especially videos in mov/mp4/3gp/m4v/avi files.</p>

  • Forensic MagiCube

    Forensic MagiCube, the evolutional computer forensic device...

  • Forensic Tower (MFT)

    The MFT Forensic Tower is Meiya Pico's Forensic Workstation.

  • Forensics Master

    <p>Forensics Master is practice-tested comprehensive digital forensic solution intended for quick,</p>

New Widespread Ransomware "Petya" Appeared

​Another widespread ransomware "Petya" appeared on Jun 27 and attack several enterprises in some countries especially Russia and Ukraine.

PDP-Laban Auilino Pimentel III Visit Meiya Pico

Auilino Pimentel III the chairman of PDP-Laban visited Meiya Pico with Mr. Zhangjian the chairman of the Political Consultative Conference.

Macau LEA visited Meiya Pico

Macau LEA visited Meiya Pico with the guiding of cyber security bureau of PRC and Fujian police department

Meiya Pico Sponsor INTERPOL Digital Security Challenge

INTERPOL Digital Security Challenge was hold in Singapore during March 13-17,2017. Invited by INTERPOL, Meiya Pico presented workshop and communicate with law-enforement departments at Singapore

China issued international strategy of cooperation on cyberspace

On Mar 1st, the international strategy of cooperation on cyberspace(shortened form "strategy") was approved by the central leading group for network security and information, the ministry of foreign affairs and the state internet information office.