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Technical Support
Meiya Pico provide the after-sales online technical support for customers, please contact by belows:
What app: +8618605926825
Phone: +86-400-888-6688
User can download the latest software and trial software from  forum. Also can post questions and check FAQ in this place.
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Digital Intellectual Property Rights Protection Service
Service Process Chart
Products overview
The "Digital Intellectual Property Rights Protection Platform" developed by Xiamen Meiya Pico Information Co., Ltd. It independently focuses on intellectual property protection including online game, movies and TV, music, publication, trademarks, computer software and other digital works. It provides overall right protection services for obligees of digital works, the digital issuance of traditional works and information dissemination through network, including early warning of piracy, investigation and evidence collection, claim through consultation, etc. It is the first and also the only agency that provides overall digitalintellectual protection in China.

Scope of service
◆ Online game: Finding, taking evidence of and entrusted processing private servers, plug-in, Trojan and other piracies.
◆ Movie, TV and music: Finding, taking evidence of and entrusted processing illegal online display, illegal download and other information.
◆ Online publication: Finding, taking evidence of and entrusted processing Internet pirate information
◆ Trademark: Finding, investigating, taking evidence of and entrusted processing online trademark piracy.
◆ Software: Finding, investigating, taking evidence of and entrusted processing online software pirate information and spread of illegal crack software.

Solution Modes
◆  Detect: Real-time monitor→Efficeintly detect→Pro-warning of infringement
◆  Verify & Gather Evidence: In-depth investigation→Extensive evidence capture on infringement→Piracy evaluation and proposals for anti-piracy enforcement
◆  Enforce: Cease piracy activity→Act for Claims→Judicial action

Core Technology
◆  Digital Intellectual Property Protection Rights Platform
◆  Meiya Video Information Search Engine
◆  Piracy Monitoring System for Digital Content
◆  Websites Database

FaaS (Forensics as a Service)

Do You Know?
> As the development of information technology, more and more high technology crimes are related with digital data.
> Enterprises are facing risks coming from employee's dishonest such as confidential document thief, leakage of core technology, un-regular operation, bribery and so on.
>How to do the pre-discovery, monitoring suspect, investigation are becoming a important

work in manage information security in future.
Now, Meiya Pico provide a kind of service named FaaS, we can support you or give training on enterprise internal investigation.
• If you are IT of Finance, Securities, Insurance Industry, please connect with us!
• If you are CEO, come to discuss how to develop your Internal Investigators!
• If your company have a representative in China and you are facing the risk caused by dishonest employee, how to deal with it?

Mail to service consultant to know what we can support you! We will help you choose the suitable serive and find the expert.

What does FaaS Provide?
• Digital Forensics Training to enterprise
• Renting Duplicators, All-in-One forensics devices, Data Disposal devices, and Write Blockers

Why We Can Do FaaS?
Meiya Pico has five service centers, which can provide all aspects of digital forensic, mobile forensic, data recovery, e-discovery, digital forensic authenticaion and intellectual property rights protection services. Our company has a professional service team of more than 100 technical support engineers, forensic examiners.

We are doing below in China
• e-Discovery (Enterprise Investigation/Internal investigation)
• Intellectual Property Rights Protection Service
• Data Recovery (Computer HD/Mobile Phone)
• Digital Forensic Authentication Center(CNAS)
• Digital Forensic Lab Building and Consulting Service
• Digital Forensic Training