• AI face swap causes anxiety?Use identification carrier to protect

    AI face swap causes anxiety?Use identification carrier to protect

    July 6,2023.

    The use of "AI face swap" technology for telecom fraud has become more commonplace in recent years, and with a upward trend every year. While AI technology simultaneously improves public life and employment, it also provides criminals with opportunities to profit from it. So, do we already have a plan of action? When AI face swap technology first became available in 2019, Meiya Pico set up a team to explore it in depth.The team also developed its own "AI face swap detection algorithm" and released a video image identification carrier.  video image identification carrier product map With the rapid development of AI face swap technology, Meiya Pico's detection technology, which has undergone continuous iteration and updating, is capable of successfully detecting the majority of face-swapping applications and technologies on the market. It is noteworthy that the video deep forgery detection technology won the B-level medal in the China Artificial Intelligence-Multimedia Information Recognition system Competition.

  • Announcement of “Entity List”

    Announcement of “Entity List”

    October 24,2019.

    On October 8, 2019, Xiamen Meiya Pico Information Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Meiya Pico” or “Company”)  was noticed that the news of total 28 Chinese technology companies including Meiya Pico were listed in the “Entity List” in the official website of the US Department of Commerce. Meiya Pico is a legally operated company that has always focused on the independent R&D and innovative technologies. After 20 years of hard work and continuous innovation, it has grown into a leading expert of digital forensics, cybersecurity and big data in China. Our main customers are domestic law enforcement departments and administrative departments, and the customers from B&R countries. All operation and services comply with the laws and regulations of relevant countries and regions. Most of the company's digital forensics products are self-developed and have independent intellectual property rights. At present, the overseas sales revenue is small, mainly covers the countries along the “Belt & Road” and neighboring countries. The inclusion of the entity list will not have real impact on the company's daily operations. Meiya Pico will insists on & continue to adhere to the "customer oriented, results-oriented, continuously create value for customers" business service concept, to provide our customers with quality products and services, promote the sustainable and healthy growth of the business. The company will continue to follow up on the mentioned matters and timely perform information disclosure. Xiamen Meiya Pico Information Co., Ltd. October 8, 2019

  • Meiya Pico Attended the INTERPOL World 2019 Exhibition in Singapore

    Meiya Pico Attended the INTERPOL World 2019 Exhibition in Singapore

    August 7,2019.

    From 2nd to 4th July 2019, Meiya Pico has been honored to attend the INTERPOL world 2019 Exhibition in Singapore. Our flagship product, iDC-8811 Forensic MagiCube, and with other digital forensics lab equipment, presented and attracted attention from LEA officers and partners.

  • Meiya Pico prompt response to cyberspace disaster

    Meiya Pico prompt response to cyberspace disaster

    March 12,2019.

    On the evening of May 12, the global network has been attacked by a ransomware called Wannacry. The virus locked user’s files and demanded payment of Bitcoin to allow access. By 17:00 May 14, over 20million users in more than 100 countries have been attacked, caused numbers of organizations and enterprises out of normal operation. It is said that some elements of Wannacry comes from the tools leaked from NSA. By May 15, WannaCrypt has attacked more than 100,000 enterprises and public organizations in over 100 countries, including 1,600 American organizations and 11,200 Russian ones. In China, the infected organizations and institutions cover almost every areas and various fields such as universities and colleges, railway stations, self-service terminals, postal services, gas stations, hospitals and governmental service terminals, the number of infected computers still growing. Quickly respond to retrieve customer's lost As the digital-forensics leader and cyber-security expert in China, Meiya Pico has lunched their first respond team to deal with the event: 1) post the guidance of protection to against the virus via its official channel – public Wechat;2)the computer forensics research team worked round to the clock on the features of the virus, and on the afternoon of the next day (May, 14) of the attack they reached the remarkable breakthrough, and found out the way this virus works: it encrypts data on the computer after it reads them to computer memory, then the files are encrypted and saved to the hard disk drives while the source files are deleted, i.e. the source files are not directly encrypted but deleted by the ransomware and the encrypted file are just duplicated one. Based on the research results, Meiya Pico released new versions of two products, Recovery Master and Forensics Master, which support data recovery on the infected computers and are able to recover most or even all data in specific circumstances. Now these two software are available for global users to download in Chinese and English Version. A small tools will be released for public to help users recover data. SafeDog, the sub company of Meiyapico, dedicated to providing security services to enterprise servers and cloud servers, timely released warning and preliminary solutions when the incident broke out. Soon it synchronized with the patch of Win2003 on EternalBlue, to help large institutions in China to prevent against WannaCrypt. It is known that SafeDog had already informed warming and released a version that is able to defend WannaCrypt since the NSA flaw leakage last month. Related products are also comprehensively updated after the WannaCrypt incident. It is said that until now the servers serviced by safeDog are all safe from this attack. Meiya Pico running with time to work out solutions 1、Raise alarm On the afternoon of May 13, Meiya Pico via its official channel released an article Several Pieces of Guidance to Prevent from Ransom after cyber-attack of ransom ...

  • PDP-Laban Auilino Pimentel III Visit Meiya Pico

    PDP-Laban Auilino Pimentel III Visit Meiya Pico

    March 12,2019.

    On Jun 13 2017, Auilino Pimentel III the chairman of PDP-Laban visited Meiya Pico with Mr. Zhangjian the chairman of the Political Consultative Conference.Meiya Pico CEO Shen Qiang guided them visit the digital forensics experience center and the super computing center. Auilino Pimentel III said the video forensics system and the combating cybercrime training are also satisfied in Phillippines market, Meiya Pico's smart forensics idea and the lab solution impressed him, hope Meiya Pico can develop more and more smart equipments for the frontline law-enforcement to make the investigation efficency and easy, and also wish Meiya Pico can provide total solution and new technology on combating cybercrime to Phillippines and other countries.

  • The South African security minister visit Meiya Pcico

    The South African security minister visit Meiya Pcico

    March 12,2019.

    Sep.6.2017, The South African security minister mahlobo visit meiyapico and hope to understand China’s cutting-edge technology in network security through meiyapico. Mahlobo wishes to further cyberspace security and law enforcement cooperation and technical exchange with meiyapico. Chairman Teng da, deputy general manager luanjiangxia & zhangxuefeng comprehensively introduces the present cyber space security technologies and products, as well as the meiyapico cupressaceae for bric cyber security services to provide technical support. "Cyber space security is one of unfamiliar areas for South Africa.”he said.Thanks for meiya pico present china Cyber space security technologies. At the same time, he is very interested in the "xiangyun" urban public security management platform of meiyapico and hopes can strengthen cooperation in this part in the future. "I will report to the president as soon as possible and send a team to meiya pico for technical exchanges. I'm confident that the president will also be happy to cooperate with our brics countries-China.” Mr.mahlobo also visited the Meiya Grampus,product experience area, supercomputing center, bid data lab and big search lad. At the end of the tour, Mr.Mallobo wrote down blessing to meiya pico and exchanged gifts with meiya pico chairman tenda.

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