• Rustam Minnikhanov, President of the Republic of Tatarstan, hopes to strengthen law-enforcement cooperation with Meiya Pico

    Rustam Minnikhanov, President of the Republic of Tatarstan, hopes to strengthen law-enforcement cooperation with Meiya Pico

    February 26,2019.

    On May 18th, 2018, at the invitation of Mr.Tang, the governor of Fujian province, China, Rustam Minnikhanov, President of the Republic of Tatarstan, has led the governmental economic and trade delegation to pay a visit to Meiya Pico. Warmly welcomed and accompanied by Zhang Xuefeng, CMO of Meiya Pico, President Rustam has learned the latest technology and products of Meiya Pico in the digital forensics and city public security with the detailed introduction. Nowadays the world has been facing severe challenges from various risky cybercrimes. Therefore, it’s urgent to find out solution to improve the capacity of national law-enforcement agencies in combating cybercrimes and promote the city public security management, which is one of main purposes of President Rustam’s visit to Meiya Pico. Firstly, Forensics Ark Lab, one of the Meiya Pico solutions in digital forensics lab, has been introduced to President Rustam. The solution provides full support for various digital forensics, covering data acquisition, recovery and analysis. Moreover, it’s a transportable lab with container as carrier to be moved or shipped easily to countries all over the world. Then Big Data Lab introduced, President Rustam has learned the concept to combine big data informationization with city public security management. The products and services has won their high comments and applauses. At the end of the visit, Mr. Zhang has also introduced the cooperation of Meiya Pico with countries along the ‘Belt and Road’ and extended good wishes to build partnership with Tatarstan. President Rustam and the delegation have shown great interest in Meiya Pico products, and expressed appreciation for the warm reception. In the end, President Rustam asked for an active cooperation and exchange between our company and LEAs of his country, so as to make more contribution in combating cybercrimes.

  • Congratulations! The handover ceremony of digital forensics laboratory successfully held in Vietnam

    Congratulations! The handover ceremony of digital forensics laboratory successfully held in Vietnam

    December 11,2018.

    According to the Xinhua News Agency, Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam has recently witnessed successful conclusion of digital forensics laboratory handover ceremony, whose construction has been financially aided by the Ministry of Public Security of PRC. Zhao Wanpeng, Police Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam, and Wu Yulin, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam attended the ceremony. In his speech, Zhao Wanpeng said that in view of the current and future international and regional crimes and the need for cooperation between Minitry of Public Security of PRC and its counterpart of Vietnam to combat cybercrime such as telecom fraud, two sides have decided to launch the project to build the digital forensics laboratory with joint efforts. The successful completion of the project marks a new milestone in the history of mutual cooperation and the new stage in law enforcement security cooperation. Wu Yulin has expressed his sincere thanks for the long-term support and assistance from China in law enforcement agencies of Vietnam. Vietnam would take this as an opportunity to strengthen cooperation with China to crack down on online and high-tech crimes, as well as contribute to a safe and stable society. In 2013, Meiya Pico began to cooperate with the Ministry of Public Security of PRC to undertake construction of overseas digital forensics laboratory which is financially aided by China. The priority is to assist developing countries such as Southeast Asia and Central Asia. With the aim to enhance ability to fight cybercrime and promote international police cooperation, Meiya Pico has contributed to international cooperation projects in completing lab construction in many countries along the “Belt and Road”.

  • Meiya Pico has got the certificate of CMMI Level 5

    Meiya Pico has got the certificate of CMMI Level 5

    December 11,2018.

    On August 29, 2018,Meiya Pico passed the CMMI-V1.3/L5 assessment, and received a high degree of recognition to this assessment from SEI Director Appraiser Mira Culley. This certification marks that our software process management capability has reached the highest level in the industry, laying a good foundation for the sustainable development and continuous innovation of the company's R&D process capability. CMMI, abbreviated for Capability Maturity Model Integration, is a capability maturity integration model. It is a “passport” for software products to enter the international market. It is also one of the most standardized and difficult certifications in the global software industry. The ability to pass CMMI certification has become one of the important indicators in the industry to measure the engineering development capabilities of software companies. Among them, CMMI5 is the highest level, which is called “optimized management level”. Less than 10% of the global CMMI evaluation companies have passed the CMMI level 5 assessment. In China, this figure is only 5%. Meiya Pico has attached great importance to the certification. At the beginning of 2016, we started to carry out innovation in high maturity system construction and quantitative management. At the beginning of 2018, the Technical Management Committee organized various research institutes and human resources departments to set up a special team for the CMMI5 project. The evaluation of CMMI5 marks the world-class level of Meiya Pico software process organization, technology research and development, and project management. In the future, Meiya Pico will continue to carry out process improvement based on CMMI5, continuously develop and innovate, improve product quality and company management, and continue to provide quality products and services for customers.

  • ​Another widespread ransomware

    ​Another widespread ransomware

    March 12,2019.

    Another widespread ransomware "Petya" appeared on Jun 27 and attack several enterprises in some countries especially Russia and Ukraine. The "Petya" is similar with WannaCry that encrypts files in victim's computer then threaten him/her to pay $300 for decryption . How to secure your computer? Meiya Pico summarized the methods and shares them here: For users: 1 Patch the MS17-010 to Windows operating system 2 Install Anti-virus software 3 Don not click the links or attachment in email sent by unknown source 4 Backup important files to different storage mediums 5 Keep good habit such as don't download unknown or suspecious software from Internet For IT engineer: 1 Disable the port 135/137/138/139/445 in the firewall and isolate the Internet 2 Disable the port 135/137/138/139/445 in switches 3 Restrict the port 135/137/138/139/445 in activity management 4 Disable the port 135/137/138/139/445 in working computer to avide the infection of virus BTW, If your PC has been affected by WannaCry and Petya, you can also try download Meiya Pico's Forensics Master and Recovery Master to rescue the deleted data.

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