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【MEDAS】Mass Email Deep Analysis System

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  1. Large quantity of mails, hundreds GB storage, Million level, traditional tools performance slowly.
  2. Manual analysis on contacts, low efficiency.
  3. Auditor works alone, hard to share workload or results.

Product structure

  1. C/S structure,multiple coordinated cooperation, “1 auditor on multiple cases, multiple auditors on 1 case”.
  2. High-speed mail analysis, distributed server expansion  supported.
Rich Mail Import ways

  1. Single Mail file, mail folder
  2. Folder of mail client, such as Foxmail, Outlook, etc.
  3. Mail files or folder on hard drive
  4. Extract mails from mobile phone
  5. Acquisition from webmail (Known Username+ password)

Massive mails(Forensics Filtering

  1. Fast mail forensics:70K mails forensics per hour (Averaged speed on standard server, server supports distributed extension to rise the performance).
  2. Multiple filtering conditions:Support dynamic detection of combined filtering conditions, such as  mail address, topic, IP.  Filtering results of mail and files shows at once.

Correlation Analysis(Visualized  Relationship

  1. Comprehensive Analysis:
    • Supports mailing direction, frequency mapping. 
    • Supports Time Line to show event history. 
    • Provides rich diagrams for various demonstration.
  2. Lifecycle of Email: Support vernation demonstration of related mails, such as To, CC, BCC, Re…

Full-text search (Second level response)

  1. Overall full-text search:
    • Support indexing mail text, attachment text, document in compressed file, frequently-used image content, etc.
    • Search results shows in seconds
  2. Advanced filtering conditions: Support flexible advanced searching combination, such as “ match any of all conditions” 

Clue mining

  1. Data pre-processing engine inside
    • Search and extraction nick name, phone, mobile number, ID number and bank card.
    • Specified data searching supports customs declaration number, tracking number of Express waybill, etc.
  2. IP Analysis: Display IP address  on map to demonstrate account distribution.

Other functions

  1. Statistics: Various diagrams, analysis results for statistics.
  2. Mail pre-warning: Support early-study or analysis on target mail address
  3. Attachment management: Supports Attachment management in case view, support backtracking, exportation and preview
  4. Exclusion function: Remove irrelevant mail to avoid interruptions.

Statistics & analysis: 

Time line demonstration: 

Mail analysis- lifecycle of the email: 

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If you look for a supplier or have questions of products, just feel free to contact us.

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