One of the fastest acquisition devices with parallel acquisition technology, which can speed up to 50 GB/min. Designed for online/offline data acquisition from irremovable storages like servers, laptops, pads and all-in-one computers by four transfer channels.

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1. Acquisition without disassembling

By built-in micro system, the Octopus provides strong support for online/offline data acquisition without disassembling suspect's or victim's computer.

2. High Data Transfer Rate

Maximum acquisition speed: 50GB/min

3. Parallel Acquisition Technology

This unique technology maximizes the use of object computer’s ports and achieves 4 channels parallel acquisition.

4. Resume Broken File Transfer

Make it possible to suspend task and resume file transfer for specific situations.

5. Removable disk

Support for disk change to obtain unlimited storage during acquisition, if any target disk is full.

6. Data Viewer

By creating a virtual disk in the built-in system, the Octopus allows user to view data after acquisition.

7. Hash verification Option

This optional feature allows the user to verify the exact replication of the source drive. Features user-selectable SHA-1, or MD5 algorithms Error Handing. An error granularity user-selectable setting provides more control over error handling of the master drive. Image format DD, as the most basic digital evidence format,can be analyzed by all popular forensic softwares.

8. Compact & flexible structure

20 cm x 14.4 cm x 5.4 cm, weight 1.96 Kg. Split type structure makes the investigation flexible & reliable.

9. Friendly User Interface

The extremely easy and intuitive user interface makes it simple to operate for all skill levels.

10. Log Report

Detailed information about the cloning session is provided, and reports can be printed.

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If you look for a supplier or have questions of products, just feel free to contact us.