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Application Detection and Forensics System

Application Detection and Forensics System is a product that specializes in dynamic and static behavior analysis for Android and iOS APPs. The detection is flexible and can be done on the simulator or cell phone, and it performs all-round real-time analysis of the background behavior of mobile APPs to dig clues involving crimes.

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1.Support multiple types of APP

Support multi-dimensional detection of fraud-related APPs for Android and iOS.

2.Verify the three sensitive behaviors of the APP
  • Accessing network: support detecting the server URL, type, IP,  location, time and other information accessed by APP end-platform.
  • Reading user information: support detecting APP's cell phone operation behavior analysis such as reading and writing SDCard, making phone calls, sending SMS, receiving SMS, getting ROOT permission, recording, taking photos,loading applications,executing shell commands, getting application list, getting run list, reading system settings, etc.
  • Operating cell phone: support detecting APP's behavior analysis of cell phone IMEI, IMSI, ICCID, MEID, hardware serial number, Android ID, MAC address, operator information, phone number, SMS record, call record, contacts, positioning, sensors and other user information acquisition.

3.Smart identification of key information

Including suspicious cell phone number, email address, server address, third party Investigable forensic information, etc.
4.Suspicious APP quick pre-checking
Support rapid pre-check of installed apps on mobile phones, quickly identifying 
high-risk, medium risk, and low-risk apps by colliding with blacklist databases.

5.Smart Alert for Blacklist Database

Black-list database associated ,intelligent detection of fraud, gaming, pornography, and other APP, domain names, etc.

6.Customizing Frida Debugging Scripts

Support importing or creating Frida debugging scripts, which can dynamically monitor LOG  information, operation database behavior, etc.
7.Customizing Frida Debugging Scripts
One-click export of analysis reports: Including suspect cell phone number, email, server, investigable forensic information, etc.
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If you look for a supplier or have questions of products, just feel free to contact us.
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If you look for a supplier or have questions of products, just feel free to contact us.

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