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A powerful Android & iOS cell phones forensics equipment with 8 channels. Quick response to solve cases of large amount of data. Enable data preview & search, data analysis, emulation and analysis report.
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Improved Forensics Efficiency

Support 8-channel analysis on the cell phones with Parallel Forensic Technology. And split screen enables investigators to preview multiple screen contents simultaneously such as data preview, Data preview & search, report making, correlation analysis and emulation.

Cell Phones Decryption

Decrypt cell phone applications with advanced GPU technology of powerful computing capacity to ensure forensics efficiency.

Android OS Emulation

Support to emulate the Android smart phones to discover more data for cloud forensics, analysis of user behavior on applications and others.

User-Friendly Design

Split screen function for viewing multiple contents at the same time and network signal shielding module to shield signal between host and cell phones to remove external interference.

Data Acquisition

Support to analyze on iOS smart phone whether it ’s jailbroken or not. Support to analyze Android smart phones to extract data even without rooting.

Support to obtain evidentiar y data from various file systems such as IMEI, IMSI, contacts, messages,call logs, location, schedule, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection history, reminders and others.

Support the deleted data recovery of smart phones.

Support to analyze various applications of instant communication, obtain audio messages, video and pic tures.

Upgrade in time to cover more brands of smart phones.

Password Decryption & Password Bypassing

Support to decrypt or make password bypassing for screen lock with fingerprint or numbers. Available for Samsung, Huawei, OPPS (Color OS), Xiaomi, HTC, MTK Android smart phone and others.

Provide more than 20 tools for mobile phone forensics to support auto root of mobile phones, decryption, unlocking, recovery of deleted data, data analysis and others.

Data Analysis

Support the data preview by listing or dialogues to present information.

Support cell phones data search, labelling and filtering. Create spreadsheet with CSV format or export the forensics report by .doc, .html and .pdf.

Support to make correlation analysis on multiple repor ts for discovering effective clues.

Support location information presenting on the map and make route analysis.

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If you look for a supplier or have questions of products, just feel free to contact us.
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If you look for a supplier or have questions of products, just feel free to contact us.