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A portable device that meets all the requirements for forensic from video sources. It can capture video files from community surveillance, home security cameras, dashcams, drones, and various other general video recording devices. The capture speed can reach up to 550MB/s. It also features fast video recovery, deep video recovery, fast on-site video mapping tool, and one-click generation of video investigation reports. With a weight of only 1050 grams, it is truly lightweight and portable while offering comprehensive functionality.

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1. Intelligent Network Collection
The device is capable of scanning all active surveillance recorders within a local area network (LAN) and automatically downloading relevant video recordings. It can precisely download key data from specific time periods and channels. It is compatible with over 50 brands of surveillance devices and comes with built-in default usernames and passwords for hundreds of devices. With its one-click automatic download feature, it can seamlessly download video recordings from approximately 90% of the devices.
2.Direct Collection Of Storage Media 
The device has the capability to directly connect to video storage and download data from it. It can bypass the operating systems of over 100 brands of surveillance recorders, directly parse their file structures and download the required data based on the user's specified time period and channel, with a maximum speed of 550MB/s. Additionally, it supports parsing and downloading data from general video devices such as dashcams and drones.
3.Video Data Recovery
The device offers two data recovery functions: Quick Recovery and Deep Recovery. Quick Recovery allows for the rapid restoration of all video files that have been deliberated deleted but have not yet been overwritten. Deep Recovery scans the fragmented files within the storage sectors and reconstructs them into viewable video files, assisting users in uncovering the most discreet evidence.
4.One-Click Report Generation
The device also provides functions such as on-site environment photography, recording panoramic videos of the crime scene, and drawing on-site video mapping. It can also generate on-site video investigation reports with just one click.

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If you look for a supplier or have questions of products, just feel free to contact us.
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If you look for a supplier or have questions of products, just feel free to contact us.

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